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Curriculum Maps

Curriculum mapping is a tool for viewing, examining, and revising, our curriculum. These maps present a picture of what the students are learning. Some of the maps present content and skill sets. Others present the essential questions that will be studied. Curriculum maps reflect the taught curriculum of a school. They are living documents, revised yearly to reflect the growth, development, and changing needs of the learning community.

Social Studies

We have made a deliberate choice in the scope of our middle school Social Studies curriculum. Though guided by the Massachusetts Frameworks, we have diverged from them. Fifth and sixth grades cover the Ancient World and modern societies in a two-year cycle. We feel this gives our students more time to study cultures in-depth. Seventh and eighth grades study United States History from its beginnings to the present time. There are pressing issues and questions in our own national history that must be examined in light of the Church’s teachings on social justice and morality. Since not all of our students attend Catholic high schools, we feel that, if we are to be faithful to our mission, we must give them the opportunity to dialogue about these issues in a Catholic setting. It is our hope that this will help them to understand faithful citizenship.


Our religion curriculum presents the richness of Catholic faith and Tradition. The text we use is based on Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and goes above and beyond the diocesan requirements. The diocesan religion standardss are covered within the curriculum, though not necessarily at the grade level suggested by the diocese. Hence, you will not find these standards listed in the curriculum maps themselves.


Preschool Exit Expectations

Kindergarten Religion Kindergarten ELA Kindergarten Math Kindergarten History Kindergarten Science

Grade 1 Religion Grade 1 ELA Grade 1 Math Grade 1 History Grade 1 Science

Grade 2 Religion Grade 2 ELA Grade 2 Math Grade 2 History Grade 2 Science

Grade 3 Religion Grade 3 ELA Grade 3 Math Grade 3 History Grade 3 Science

Grade 4 Religion Grade 4 ELA Grade 4 Math Grade 4 History Grade 4 Science

Grade 5 Religion Grade 5 ELA Grade 5 Math Grade 5 History Grade 5 Science

Grade 6 Religion Grade 6 ELA Grade 6 Math Grade 6 History Grade 6 Science

Grade 7 Religion Grade 7 ELA Grade 7 Math Grade 7 History Grade 7 Science

Grade 8 Religion Grade 8 ELA Grade 8 Math Grade 8 History Grade 8 Science

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