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This is a self-contained classroom of three and four year olds with one teacher and two aides. The daily routine allows flexibility as needed for special classes such as art, music, computers, physical education, and Polish culture and for Masses on Holy Days (usually at 11:00am). The schedule also allows for alternating quiet with busy activities, and self-directed with teacher- directed activities. The basic schedule is as follows:
Morning prayer: in church with the entire school
Morning circle time: calendar, weather, current events, plan for the day Snack time
Free choice: children choose from the different learning centers and table activities provided by the teacher
Clean up
Story and teacher directed activity: The story will relate to whatever topic we are covering, e.g. the seasons, letter of the week, a holiday. The activity can include music, movement, review, learning games, and table work such as coloring, cut and glue, painting, etc.
Clean up and prepare for lunch: dismissal of half-day students
Prepare for rest: Children fix their rest mats with blankets, sheets, stuffed animals development. Children who do not nap choose quiet activities to do during rest time.
Rest time: approximately 12:50 until 1:50
Dismissal: 2:15

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