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Teacher:  Mrs. Karen Occhialini

Aide: Mrs. Cheryl Ferreira

Announcements  ATTENTION PARENTS….We are having a major glue stick shortage in Grade 2!  Time to re-stock (;

To help your child study for spelling tests, log on to

To log in:  Username: grade3teacher  Password: spelling

There is a folder named St. Stan’s where you can find most of our weekly lists.

From time to time there is a list that is on the homepage with a date (and not in St. Stan folder)

For example: The week of February 5, 2018.

Once you pull up the list there are free word games that the kids can play. There is also a practice spelling test!


Student Handbook

Classroom Procedures

Grade 2 Wish List

As of February,  we need some cleaning wipes for surfaces and tissues if you can. Thank you in advance! We are trying our best t keep our classroom as germ free as possible!!!


Week of March 26-March 31                                             


To keep our Number Sense sharp,  please play games or challenge each other to numbers games using dice or playing cards.  If you need any advice or ideas, I’d be happy to help.


Week of March 5, 2018 Spelling list: Dipthongs au and aw

paw, lawn, draw, claw, haul, crawl, yawn, fault, author, autumn, know, live, automobile, applause

List is on ( Week of March 5th, 2018)


Monday-  play a dice game or card game with addition or subtraction!

Tuesday- Visit and play a game with your weekly spelling list!

Read to your parent!

Wednesday- Play or make up your own math game using things around your house!  Or simply roll dice to add and subtract!

Thursday-   Study for your spelling test!!!  A fun way to do that is to visit!



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