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Teacher:  Miss Lynn Amaral

Aide: Mrs. Andrea Botelho


Remember to bring your copy of The Trumpet of the Swan on the first day of school. All academic supplies should be brought that day as well. Other supplies, such as wipes and tissues, can be brought another day.

Long-term Projects

Watch this space for project due dates and associated pdfs. Students are expected to put great effort into multi-week and trimester projects.


Student Handbook

Classroom Procedures

Grade 4 Wish List

Items on this list are things that the class could use but are not in the budget. St. Stanislaus School is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Any donations of items on this list are tax deductible.


Week of  October 16-20



Monday:  Math: Practice Rounding: Students were given a new Rounding Rap. (Actually, this is an old one for Miss Amaral.) Students are to read it over, and tomorrow we will vote on which rap the class likes best.

Vocabulary: Tonight: Please study words and definitions for  words 5-8. (Test is this Friday, Oct. 20th. Also, please do p. 21 and complete the Synonym/ Antonym Chart. We call it the Syn/Ant Chart. Students record the words 1-12 in the left column. Then, with the help of pp. 18-19, write one synonym and one antonym for each word. This chart will help them study for our up and coming game this Thursday.

Reading: All three groups are to complete work for their guided reading books. Unicorns: Complete packet for Chapter 2. – Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World

VJ JABZ: Complete packet for Chapter 3. – Hurricanes!

Yabba Dabba Dos: Complete the next set of questions, 12-15. -Rumpelstiltskin











Tuesday: Vocabulary: Please study words and definitions for words 9-12 for Lesson 2. Also, do: p. 22 (Complete the Sentence).

Math: p. 11 workbook Problem Solving










Wednesday: Vocabulary: p. 23 and study words, definitions, synonyms, and antonyms for test this Friday 10/20/17

Math: p. 59 Complete numbers 2, 3, and 4 Problem Solving: Using the strategy “Make a Table or Chart”

Social Studies: Using the Quick Study paper for Regions and Landforms, which includes vocabulary words and their definition and important information on landforms for the five regions, answer questions 2-5.

Students may also use the chart of the 5 regions (indicating the landforms found in each region) to answer some of the questions.  Quiz for Regions and Landforms will be next Tuesday 10/31/17











Thursday: A Few Announcements for next week:

Tuesday, October 24th, the Fourth Graders will have two tests: Religion and Science

Religion will cover the information learned in Chapter 3: Turning Away From God/ Words to Know: Noah, his sons – Shem, Japheth, and Ham; ark, covenant, Canaan,and the Tower of Babel

The Memory Questions found at the end of the lesson (p. 23) are also helpful. Why did God send the flood? God sent the flood to wash away the evil from the earth and save the human race.

How do we know from the story of Noah that the human family is important to God? We know that the human family is very important to God because God saved Noah, his wife, their three sons, and their wives on the ark during the Great Flood.

Science: Quiz is based on the information found in Lesson 2. Students should know the four parts of a plant: sepal, stamen, pistil, and pollen. Students should also know that not all flowers have all four parts. The corn plant is one such plant.  The corn plant has two flowers which has the pistil one flower while the stamen is found on the other flower. Some plants have different flowers located on two different plants. The cottonseed plant is one example. It has the flower with the pistil located on one plant while the stamen is on another cottonseed plant.

The students will have two test on Thursday, October 26th.

Math: The students will be tested on the information from Chapter 1. Concepts include: place value up to the 100,000,000, money – making change, and rounding.

Social Studies: Students should know the names of the five regions of the United States and which landmarks are located in those regions.

Reminder: October 25th is our field trip

Tonight’s Homework:

Vocabulary: Study words, definitions, synonyms, and antonyms for Lesson 2.

Math: Problem Solving: A Mixed Review p. 13 workbook









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