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Teacher:  Miss Lynn Amaral

Aide: Ms. Andrea Botelho

Announcements: The boys and girls know they must share all their homework, finished or not, with mom and dad. Also, they are to share their agendas with you as well. Thank you. 

Except for papers/cards which have to do with studying for a certain assignment, I will collect all work, finished or not. Students must make arrangements with me to complete his/her work, at recess, at home, or after school (I am here until 3:30 most days). I have informed the students that any papers shoved into the desk that are incomplete will receive a zero.

Long-term Projects

Watch this space for project due dates and associated pdfs. Students are expected to put great effort into multi-week and trimester projects.


Student Handbook

Grade 4 Wish List

Items on this list are things that the class could use but are not in the budget. St. Stanislaus School is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Any donations of items on this list are tax deductible.



Week of  September 4-7, 2018



Monday: Language: p. 4 ws/ Review Compound Sentence

Complete Four Square paper/ Students will write an Imperative Sentence and an Exclamatory sentence. Then illustrate each sentence. Students have already done a Declarative Sentence and an Interrogative sentence.

Science: Quiz on the Vocab for an Animal cell and an Plant cell this coming Wednesday. Grade 4 did an awesome job in the competition with Grade 5.

Vocabulary: pp 18-20

Math: Complete pp. 28-30 (1-30) odds


TUESDAY: Math: pp. 34-36(1-30)

Vocabulary: pp. 22 and 23, also study meanings, synonyms and antonyms for words 5-8

Science: Review vocabulary for Plant and Animal Cells/ The class has done an excellent job reviewing the past few days.  Quiz tomorrow.

WEDNESDAY: Vocabulary: do pp. 24 and 25.  Study words 9-12, meanings, synonyms and antonyms for game tomorrow. Vocab Quiz is this Friday.

Reading: Complete Summarizer and Illlustrator pages/ Also, finish Reader Response letters from Independent Reading time.

Note: There will also be a Language Quiz this Friday on the four types of sentences, and the compound sentence. We have been reviewing for the past few days. Students must know that all sentences begin with a capital letter and end with appropriate punctuation.  Also, please know how to combine two sentences to make one sentence (Compound sentence); a comma is used between the two sentences and a conjunction (and, but, or).




Language: p. 13 Part C (16-25) for practice/ Quiz tomorrow on the 4 types of sentences and the compound sentence. The students have been working on these types of sentences for the past two weeks.


Per school policy, homework is not given on Fridays so that weekends can be devoted to God and family.


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