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Homeroom Teacher:  Mr. Michael Anthon          Subjects: Mathematics, English, Religion

Science: Mr Jonathan Vincent

History: Mr. Paul Jasinski

Middle School Aide: Mrs. Marquita Giovannini


House Points:

St. Teresa Benedicta: 313

St. Lucy: 327

St. John Paul II: 326

St. Maximilian Kolbe: 336

REMEMBER: You must come to class prepared.

Remember: Our purpose is to KNOW God, LOVE God, and SERVE God. If we do these, everything else will fall into place.

RULE #1 in my classroom:  Respect yourself and others in ALL you do and ALL you say.

God Bless everyone.

For ALL my students:  I am here to help you learn by expanding and challenging your mind.  For me to be successful I need your help.  If I am not challenging you, let me know.  If you have a question, ask it.  Chances are someone else has the same question.  If you have an idea, share it.


Long-term Projects

The students will be working on at least two long term projects.  In art they will be working on a stained glass project.  In homeroom we will be working on a Medieval “project”.  This project will have a different element due each month as follows:  September- we will define our own “Code of Conduct”; October- we will create our own “Coat of Arms”; November- we will come up with a “Chant”;  December- we will research and prepare an “Advent activity”; January- we will define our “New Years Quest”;  February- we will dress up as a medieval person;  March- we will have a “castle” building contest ; April- the students will find/ write a medieval poem or song and memorize it;  May- we will have a Medieval Fair where the students will wear their costumes from February (the teachers will also be in costume).

Watch this space for project due dates and associated pdfs. Students are expected to put great effort into multi-week and trimester projects. Click here for a video presentation of an excellent 6th grade student project.


Organization E-book

Student Handbook

Classroom Procedure

My Classroom Responsibilities

  1.  I will do my best to behave in a respectful manner at all times.
  2. I will raise my hand when I wish to speak.
  3. I will keep my hands, feet, and belongings to myself.
  4. I will come to class prepared for that day’s lesson or test.
  5. I will not disturb those around me who are working.
  6. I will laugh with everyone.  I will not laugh AT anyone.
  7. I will complete my classwork and homework on time.
  8. I will not be afraid to ask for help when needed.
  9. If I have an idea which might benefit the class without disrupting our lesson
  10. I will present it to the teacher for consideration.
  11. I will think outside the box when I can.
  12. I will only use language that is appropriate.
  13. I will perform a random act of kindness when possible.

REMEMBER:  You are responsible for your own learning.  The teacher is here to help you learn.  If you are having trouble understanding something the teacher is teaching then PLEASE say something.

If you have a question, chances are very good someone else has the same question.



Grade 6 Wish List

Items on this list are things that the class could use but are not in the budget. St. Stanislaus School is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Any donations of items on this list are tax deductible.

We could really use a vacuum cleaner that works well.


Week of  December 11 to December 15th, 2017


ELA:   All unit 9 worksheets Due Friday, 15 December

Literature:   Greek gods and goddesses (chapter 3) questions due on Wednesday, 13 December

Math: Page 36: 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16, 17.  Due Tuesday, 5 December

Religion: Begin review for Unit 2 test on Friday

Science 6 : P. 105 all QUESTIONS IN notebook!

Science 6 : No class today


Math:Page 37 (odd), Page 38: (odd)  due Wednesday, 6 December

ELA:  Continue with the Chapter 9 worksheets

Literature:  Greek gods and goddesses day 2 questions are due Wednesday, 13 December

Religion:  Continue the Unit 2 review 

Science 6: please be prepared for the lab tomorrow!

Science Fair: boards need to be purchased. You need a smaller science fair board which is available at the DOLLAR TREE on ( Quarry St or Mariano Bishop Blvd) DO NOT purchase larger boards at wal mart or staples these are not regulation for 6th grade. Thank you.


Math: Page 39 (even).  Due Thursday, 7 December

ELA:  None

Science:  bring in science fair boards or recipt, great job today in lab! If you have to REDO your homework please turn in by tomorrow.

Science Fair:  Keep up with your scientific notebook. Make sure you are recording all your information. Notebook check on FRIDAY

History: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Students were given a coloring sheet on the Hanging Gardens. Students need to color the sheet, write 5 facts on the Hanging Gardens, and write the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World on the back of the sheet.


Math: Page 40: 1, 5, 11, 18, 19, 24.  Due Friday, 8 December.

ELA:  Chapter 9 review

Religion: Continue Unit 2 review


SCIENCE FAIR- notebook check coming soon


Per school policy, homework is not given on Fridays so that weekends can be devoted to God and family.

ELA: Chapter 9 quiz

Math: Review

Religion:  Unit 2 test (chapters 5 – 8) .  Have a nice weekend!  Remember! Attending Holy Mass not only benefits your immortal soul, it also benefits your house.  Take a few minutes out of your busy week to sit quietly with your Father, you may be surprised at what he will share with you.


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