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Homeroom Teacher:  Mr. Jonathan Vincent          Subjects: Science, English, Religion

Mathematics: Mr Michael Anthon

History: Mr. Paul Jasinski

Middle School Aide: Mrs. Marquita Giovannini


House Points:

St. Teresa Benedicta: 313

St. Lucy: 327

St. John Paul II: 326

St. Maximilian Kolbe: 336

The Math Review Videos that some students requested are available at Grade 8 Math Videos. You will need the password given to you in class to access the gallery. The videos are not listed by chapter, but by topic. Some of the videos have short homework assignments at the end – you do not have to do those assignments. Some of the videos are in 2 parts. If you watch a video labeled Part 1, watch the second part also. I will continue to add to these. – JMW


Long-term Projects

Watch this space for project due dates and associated pdfs. Students are expected to put great effort into multi-week and trimester projects. Click here for a video presentation of an excellent 8th grade student project.

Student Government Meeting TBA

“Wordy-Vocabulary” Project w/5 Artifacts, 1 Letter and Costumed Performance 04-27-2018*



Organization E-book

Student Handbook

Classroom Procedures

8th Grade High School Application Process

8th Grade High School Shadow Form

Grade 8 Wish List

Items on this list are things that the class could use but are not in the budget. St. Stanislaus School is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Any donations of items on this list are tax deductible.


Week of May 29, 2018


St. Jude, Pray for Us!


Homeroom: please remember to wake up EARLY be at St. Stans by 445 AM!! —parents and students please see detailed email.


Math:  Make up missing or incomplete work




History: Complete packet questions through page 27.

Religion: rest for class trip! wear comfortable shoes and bring a change of clothes—bring CASH for tip for driver and for waiter/waitress.


Writing/ELA : FINAL in ELA ” IS Moby Dick Real?” –essay due Friday of Festival 1/2 day

ELA II: READ Moby Dick read to chapter 120 quiz Friday


Math:   Make up missing or incomplete work


Science: no hw due to presentations

Religion: pages 61,62,63 continue to work on due Thursday

ELA:/Vocab: VOCAB FINAL on Friday

Writing:  Moby Dick short answer questions due tomorrow. Latin High Mass Tomorrow. Please be prepared, get field trip forms in.


Math: No class

Science 8: land-form project due Monday 05-21

ELA: read to chapter 120 in Melville MD



*Parents please check email for important 8th grade trip announcements

Math: Final day to bring in missing or incomplete work

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