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Monthly Calendar

Please click this link to view the calendar.

Academic Year Calendar


Please read our newsletter for the latest news from St. Stan’s. It is published weekly during the school year and monthly in the summer.

Raffle calendar winners:
Name Date Amount
Shannon Raposo 1-Oct 100
Ty Ponte 2-Oct 50
Caroline Hass 3-Oct 50
Cathy Broodmeadow 4-Oct 50
Mario Lucciola 5-Oct 250
Abdrea Botelho 6-Oct 50
Zachary Falcon 7-Oct 100
Segundo Flores 8-Oct 50
Ray Fitzpatrick 9-Oct 50
Emersyn Trenholne 10-Oct 50
Stacy Lema 11-Oct 50
Bertha Souza 12-Oct 50
Anne Quinlan 13-Oct 75


In this column, you will find links to the enclosure for each weekly newsletter.

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