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Teacher:  Mrs. Donna Lapointe

Aides: Mrs. Nancy Beard, Ms. Jade Shadburn





****Reminder notes were sent home regarding Stepping Up.  The big day is Friday, June 8th.

Long-term Projects



Student Handbook

Classroom Procedures


Preschool Wish List

Items on this list are things that the class could use but are not in the budget. St. Stanislaus School is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Any donations of items on this list are tax deductible.

Today in Pre-K

Week of June 4-8


The children are finishing their HWT books and their “Seeds”catechism books.  They enjoyed reading Wendell the Narwhal; a story about musical ocean creatures.


The children had their final rehearsal for Friday with Mrs. Santos.  They are very excited!


We read our last NumberTales story, Ten Fingers Can!  Ask your children to show you what they can do with their ten fingers.


The children loved the story Put Me in the Zoo and they had fun adding colorful spots to their animal pictures with dot stampers.  Ask your child to tell you what special things the animal in the story could do with his spots.



The children had a wonderful celebration today.  Thank you for a great year and have a fun summer vacation.  God bless you all.





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