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Teacher: Mrs. Samantha Mills

Aide: Mrs. Nancy Beard



We also have two sweaters left behind with no names on them. One Small and one extra small… if you are missing your child’s sweater please let us know. Also please write your child’s name in their sweaters for the winter time, we never know how the temperature inside the room will be 🙂

Long-term Projects



Student Handbook


Preschool Wish List

Cotton balls

Shaving Cream (cheap)



Items on this list are things that the class could use but are not in the budget. St. Stanislaus School is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Any donations of items on this list are tax deductible.

Today in Pre-K

Week of

 November 7 – November 9


Today was my first day back from vacation and it was such a great day back! I missed everyone so much, and it was so nice to be welcomed back with tiny little warm hugs 🙂

The children were very excited to share with me all about their week last week and all the things they learned, and I loved hearing it. We welcomed two new friends to our classroom, Hudson and Jerrell. Both are doing very well, and fit right in like they have always been here.

We did not start any new letters this week because we instead are going to be focusing on reviewing and playing different games with the 8 letters we have covered so far, as well as talking all about what it means to be thankful in preparation for thanksgiving.

We learned a new song for the Seniors Dinner and the children cannot wait to show it off!



Today we reviewed the 8 letters we have learned so far, and played a matching game with some picture cards that start with those letters.

We also practiced our “Thanksgiving Day” song for the Seniors Dinner.

We continued learning and discussing the feeling of being “Thankful”, the children had a lot of things that they are thankful for 🙂



Today we had lots of fun in gym class using a new material, balloons!

We also continued practicing our “Thanksgiving Day” song for Senior night. The children are doing better and better everyday.

We talked about the Gospel for this sunday, in which Jesus teaches us about giving, and the gifts that we all have to share. We talked about how God gave all of us special gifts that we can share with others that don’t involve things or money. The children all made a special “gift” for someone special in their lives to take home.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend! See you tuesday

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